Surgery Closures

Bank Holidays

The surgery will be closed on the following dates:

  • From 18:30, 23rd August 2019, to 08:00, 27th August 2019
  • From 18:30, 24th December 2019, to 08:00, 27th December 2019

Training Afternoons

When the practice is closed for training, GP cover will be provided by one of the other GP practices in St Paul’s Medical Centre.

When you phone the practice, the telephone system will divert you to our Telephone Triage Service.

When we are the covering practice the triage system still applies but the surgery is open. As we are the covering surgery, we have patients from three other surgeries coming in, it may be busy.

  • 12th September 2019 – Covering Practice: St Catherine’s Surgery
  • 15th October 2019 – Covering Practice: St George’s Surgery
  • 20th November 2019 – Covering Practice: Royal Well Surgery